The more we each learn about climate change, the more we each can do to slow it.

Visit some of our favorite scientific resources, below, to learn more about how climate change affects you, your loved ones, our beautiful state of Georgia—and the whole planet.

Take action, below, and write your representatives in Congress to ask them to act on climate change.

Together, we can continue to separate climate science from political and cultural affiliations to protect Georgia for future generations.


Learn more

American Public Health Association (APHA)
APHA speaks out on a range of public health issues, including climate change

Citizens’ Climate Lobby
Creates the political will for climate solutions

Climate Central
Researches and reports the science and impacts of climate change

Explore Top Climate Risks in Georgia
How extreme heat, drought, wildfires, inland flooding and coastal flooding affect Georgia and other states

Real Climate
Climate science from climate scientists

Skeptical Science
Explains climate change science and rebuts global warming misinformation

Yale Climate Opinion Maps—U.S., 2016
What people around the country believe about climate change


Take action

Write your representatives in Congress. Tell them why tackling climate change is important to you. Ask them to take action.

And remember, know where your candidate stands on climate change—and vote climate!