Text for EMch 211 (Statics), Spring 2013

Engineering Mechanics, Statics & Dynamics by Constanzo, Plesha, Gray
ISBN 978-0-07-313412-3

This book is available in the form of a "Statics-only" (covering EMch 211) and a "Dynamics-only" (covering EMch 212) version and a combined version which covers both courses. The combined version has a very strong price advantage.
This text book is the standard text book at University Park campus but I will follow mostly my own "book" here on the web.
Although I strongly recommend to have a text book in the student's hands, particularly for introductory courses, the high prices of text books must be considered as well. Therefore this text book is optional. Of course, if you don't purchase the text book, excellent note taking and regular class attendance is an absolute must. Isn't it anyway ?

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