Problem # 001

2-D motion, acceleration given
In this problem the motion of an electron is considered. At time t=0 the electron is located at point x=y=0 and its velocity is vo = 50 cm/s precisely in the +y direction as shown in the figure.
An electric and a magnetic field are acting simultaneously on the electron causing it to accelerate in the x-direction with a constant acceleration :
ax = 60 cm/s²
Due to the presence of the magnetic field the acceleration in the y-direction is at each moment in time proportional to the x-component of the velocity ( which varies with time ) :
ay = k · vx(t)       with k = 0.4 s-1

What is the location of the electron at t= 3 s ?
HINT : Take care first of the x-components of velocity and location, then turn your attention to the y-components.