Problem # p039

Linear impulse-momentum

A package of weight W=1400 N is initially (t=0) at rest (v=0) on a horizontal floor. Suddenly, a force P=1800 N is applied for 3 seconds to the package acting under an angle of 20 °. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the package and the floor is 0.35 giving rise to the friction force F. Assume that the package remains in contact with the floor during the 3 seconds.
  1. Determine the value of the friction force while force P is active.

  2. Determine the linear impuls of the horizontal component of force P for the 3 sec interval.

  3. Determine the linear impuls of the friction force for the 3 sec interval.

  4. Use the results from 2) and 3) to determine the velocity of the block at the end of the 3 second interval using the linear momentum-impuls method.