Problem # 009

Internal Shear Force and Moment
A beam of length L=6m is subject to a distributed load which weighs (that is acting downwards onto the beam) 60 kN/m. The load starts at the middle of the beam, x=L/2, and extends all the way to its right end, x=L.
  1. Determine the total weight of the load.

  2. Determine the support forces R1 and R2.

  3. Determine the value of the internal shear force V(x) and that of the internal moment M(x) . For each location indicated below draw the Free Body Diagram of the left section of the beam and write out the equilibirum equations needed to determine V(x) and M(x) at the following locations :
    at x=0 (just to the right of R1 )
    at x=L/4
    at x=L/2
    at x=3*L/4
    at x=L (just to the left of R2)
  4. Provide a sketch of the internal shear force and moment diagram.