Problem # p014

Conservation of mass and energy, steady state , steady flow

Steam, coming from a turbine, enters the condensor at p=25 kPa with a quality of x=0.95 at a rate of 8 kg/s. It is to leave the condensor as saturated liquid at the same pressure. To that end cooling water is available from a nearby river but in order to not disturb the aquatic life in the river the cooling water is not to experience a temperature rise of more than 12 °C. Specific heat of the river water : c = 4.19 kJ/(kg K)
Contributions from kinetic and potential energies are to be neglected.

How much river water ( kg/s ) do we need at a minimum ? Please state all your relevant equations.

Properties of saturated water at p=25 kPa
Saturated Liquid Saturated Vapor
v [m³/kg] u [kJ/kg]h [kJ/kg] v [m³/kg] u [kJ/kg]h [kJ/kg]
0.00102271.90271.93 6.2042463.12618.2