Problem # p016

Closed system. Entropy

Two kilogram of Freon-12, initially at 0.15 MPa and 60oC, are compressed to saturated vapor in isothermal fashion.
The heat-transfer from the Freon-12 to the surrounding is reported to be 100 kJ. Can this value be correct ? State the reason for your answer.
HINT : use the fact that the actual change of entropy must be "blank" than ∫ dQ/T at best equal.
Use the table below to determine the answer.

Superheated Freon-12
    T [oC]     p [MPa]     v [m3/kg]     h [kJ/kg]     s [kJ/(kg K)]
60 0.15 0.149 228.3 0.8787

Saturated Freon-12-vapor
    T [oC]     p [MPa]     v [m3/kg]     h [kJ/kg]     s [kJ/(kg K)]
60 1.53 0.011 209.1 0.6760