Problem # p033

A rigid container with a volume of V=0.6 m³ is filled with 0.1 kg of water at a temperature of 30 oC. Use this information and the data given in the table below to answer the following questions :

  1. What is the specific volume of the water ?
  2. What phase is the water in ? (compressed liquid, saturated liquid/vapor mixture, or superheated vapor) and what is the scientific reason for your choice ?
  3. Determine the quality of the water.
  4. Determine its average internal energy.
Properties of Saturated H2O
  T [oC]   p [kPa]   vf [m3/kg]   vg [m3/kg]   uf [kJ/kg]   ug [kJ/kg]
30 4.246 0.001004 32.89 125.78 2416.6