Problem # p034

Conservation of Energy

Two well-insulated containers, A and B, are initially (state 1) filled with carbon monoxide at temperatures and pressures given below and with the valve in the connecting pipe closed. This valve is then opened and sufficient time is allowed for thermal equilibrium ( same temperature and pressure in both containers) to be reached.
Assume that carbon monoxide can be treated as an ideal gas with a specific gas constant R=0.30 kJ/(kg K) and constant specific heat cv = 0.75 kJ/(kg K).

Volume of containers :
VA= 1.2 m³
VB= 0.6 m³

Initial conditions :
TA,1= 500 oC
pA,1= 1 MPa
TB,1= 200 oC
pB,1= 2 MPa

In the above table the subscript 1 refers to the initial condition.

  1. Determine the initial masses in each of the containers.
  2. Determine the final equilibrium temperature, T2
  3. Determine the final equilibrium pressure, p2