Problem # p048

Phase of Water

A rigid container with a constant volume of 1 m³ is filled with 0.5 kg of water at a temperature of 30°C.

Saturated liquid water :
T°Cp [MPa]v[m³/kg] u[kJ/kg]h[kJ/kg]s[kJ/(kg K)]
304.2460.0010125.78125.79 0.4369

Saturated water-vapor :
T°Cp [MPa]v[m³/kg] u[kJ/kg]h[kJ/kg]s[kJ/(kg K)]
304.24632.892416.62556.3 8.4533

Water at critical point :
T°Cp [MPa]v[m³/kg] u[kJ/kg]h[kJ/kg]s[kJ/(kg K)]
374.1422.090.003162029.62099.3 4.4298

Using the provided information determine :
  1. the specific volume of the water

  2. the phase of the the water (compressed liquid, saturated liquid/vapor mixture, or superheated vapor). What is the precise reason for your choice ?

  3. the quality, x , of the water

  4. the internal energy of the entire content of the tank