Literature on Stirling Engines
The Philips Stirling Engine , C.M. Hargreaves, 1991. Elsevier , Amsterdam-London-NewYork-Toyoto, ISBN 0-444-88463-7 (U.S.)
This is basically a very detailed account of the development of various Stirling Engines by Philips (Netherland) and various companies in the UK, Sweden, Germany and the USA. Some of the engines developed actually came close to mass-manufacturing in the automotive industry. A fascinating read, but some 470 pages long.

Ringbom Stirling Engines, James R. Senft, 1993 Oxford University Press, 1993 (expansive ?)
Haven't read this one as of yet. But inttoduction from :
The Ringbom engine, an elegant simplification of the Stirling, is increasingly emerging as a viable, multipurpose engine. Despite its technical elegance, high-speed stable operation capabilities, and potential as an environment-friendly energy source, the advantages manifest in Ringbom design have been slowly realized, due in large to part to its often enigmatic operating regime. This book presents for the first time a clear, tractable mathematical model of the dynamic properties of the Ringbom, resulting in a theorem that offers a complete characterization of the stable operating mode of the engine. The author here details the research leading to the development of the Ringbom and illustrates theoretical results, engine characteristics, and design principles using data from actual Ringbom engines. Throughout the book, the author emphasizes an understanding of Ringbom engine properties through closed form mathematical analysis and lucidly details how his mathematical derivations apply to real engines. Extensive descriptions of the engine hardware are included to aid those interested in their construction. Mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers concerned with power systems, power generation, energy conservation, solar energy, and low-temperature physics will find this monograph a comprehensive and technically rich introduction to Stirling Ringbom engine technology.

Low Temperature Differtial Stirling Engines, James R. Senft, 1996 ISBN 0-9652455-1-9
Haven't read this one as of yet.

The air engine, Allan Organ, 1997ISBN 978-1-84569-231-5

The Regenerator and the Stirling Engine, by Allan J. Organ, ISBN 1-86058-010-6 , 1997, PSU library.
You definetely want the 1997 edition. This is a pretty good book if you are interested in getting design details of existing engines and scaling laws which allow you to derive new engine designs based on existing ones. It offers little in terms of new solutions to conquer the heat transfer problems or optimizing existing engines for better efficiency.

Thermodynamics & Gas Dynamics of the Stirling Cycle machine, Allan J. Organ, 1992 ISBN 0-521-41363-X , TJ 765 O74 1992
Still reading it.

Convective Heat and mass Transfer, Kays/Crawford/Weigand, 2005 ISBN 0-07-246876-9 , 4th edition , QC 327.K37 2005
This is a pretty good undergraduate text book containing also some good empirical equations.

Compact heat Exchangers, Kays and London, 1998 ISBN 1-57524-060-2 , TJ 263.K35 1998
If you ever need to see experimental data and derived equations, this it the book to have.

The Stirling Alternative : Power Systems, Refrigerants and Heat Pumps G. Walker(Editor), et al, 1994

Stirling Cycle Engine Analysis' Israel Ureili, David M. Berchowitz, 1984
Second order analysis of the Stirling Enngine in both isothermal and adiabatic processes. Fortran IV second order simulation program in the appendix to the book. Understanding of the Calculus and Thermodynamics required.

Liquid Piston Stirling Engines, C.D.West, 1983 Published by Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. in 1983. ISBN: 0-442-29237-6

Making Stirling Engines, Andy Ross, 1993

Stirling Cycle Engines, 2nd edition , Andy Ross, 1981

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