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Academic Sites

  1. Welcome to Stirling engines of Saitama university

  2. Publications of the Danish bioenergy research and development which in their No. 1-2004 UK issue includes excellent material about their Stirling engines powered by biomass. ( there nothing more on Stirling engines later on, No. 07-2005 UK is latest issue I read).

  3. Dr. Koichi HIRATA's Stirling Engine homepage. Presently Senior Technical Officer, Power and Energy Engineering Division, National Maritime Research Institute. Of particular interest is also the Stirling Engine Home Page at National Maritime Research Institute

  4. Prof. Senft at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls . This gentleman was one of the active researchers in the Stirling Engine arena with particular emphasis on low-temperature-differentials. Google for "stirling engines senft" to find a variety of books and publications by this gentleman.

  5. Homepage of Prof. Israel Urieli at Ohio University, Athens. Of particular interest is his course ME 422 entitled Stirling Cycle Machine Analysis.

  6. National Technical Reports Library If you just want to utilize their basic search facility than this repository of many article and reports is free of charge. You must create an account (very quick and easy to do.

Commercial and Hobbiest's Sites

  1. A commercial 1 kWe Stirling Engine by " - Das schweizerische Portal zur Energie" . Strictly in German, well written with some nice thoughts, but few details beyond : Free-oscillating engine with displacer and power piston. 50° phase lag. He at 35 bars , Pressure amplitude 5 bar. heater temperature 550°C. Ratio of electirc energy to heat input = 0.2.

  2. Jerry E. Howell's Model Plans and Kits This is a very nice place for small model stirling engines. Plans and/or kits (or essential parts kits ) are available for modest fee. Among others the Miser Engine which is a low-temperature-differential engine.

  3. This site does not offer anything in terms of Stirling engine theory ( see their one short page by following the link "How Stirling Engines Work ) but looks more like a selling place for some books by Jim R. Larsen championing easy to build (some in less than 3 hours) engines without regenerator. Note though that they have a link to download FOR FREE Andy Ross's book "Making Stirling Engines" (3rd edition, 1997). He seems to be a very nice fellow, you can watch hime on two videos on youtube :
    Video 1
    Video 2

  4. American Stirling Company. A commercial company, selling our kind of plans and kits to built Stirling-type like engines. Good for the hobbiest.

  5. Steam & Engine of Australia They have a section on Stirling Engines focusing on LTD engines for the hobbiest. Have some detailed plans.

  6. Let's build model stirling engines If you have some machine tools and know how to use them, you can easily build model Stirling engines. Here are links to other pages with plans for easily constructed Stirling engines and the instructions for their assembly. by Prof . Koichi Hirata for the layperson

  7. Whispergen in NZ The revolutionary WhisperGen Personal Power Station is a micro combined \ heat and power system based on a Stirling external combustion engine. It is the result of 8 years of design and development work by Whisper Tech Limited.

  8. Stirling Power Stirling Solutions in Renewable Energy. From their website :
    What size is your product?
    Our Stirling engine is one of the largest known and outputs up to 43 kWe, making it well suited for commercial or industrial customers. It is not designed for residential use.
    When will your product be available for sale?
    The commercial availability date, unit pricing, heat source(s), and technical specifications are not available at this point. Please continue to check our website regularly for announcements.

  9. Basically anentry place for links to other sites in a variety of different aspects of energy generation, including Stirling Engines.

User Groups, Societies, Conferences, etc.

  1. Hot Air Engine Society of USA at Yahoo

  2. Welcome to the Stirling Engine and Hot Air Engine Home Page ( in the UK ). This site is being developed for Collectors of vintage hot air engines, Model Engineers who build hot air engines Stirling Cycle Engine enthusiasts but it goes well beyond that.

  3. Stirling International Network Entry site to articles of past International Stirling Conferences. You need to be a registered user to have access to the articles.

Solar Energy Application

Tracking Solar Concentrator (1999)
This site has some very specific descriptions and might well serve as a good starting point. The functions and underlying ideas for various components of a tracking solar collector are described. There is nothing in here about Stirling Engines but maybe a Stirling engine would be a good idea to generate electicity having a high temperature fluid available.

Eurodish-Stirling engine, System Description (pdf)
A nice, general-purpose description of their system (2001) with quite a few design details about the solar-energy concentrator as well as the principle of the Stirling engine, a single acting 90° V engine referred to as the V160/161 engine. This engine was developed by Bergermann and partners (SBP) and the SOLO company and delivers 8.4 kWe.
Nice to see but scant on details. Stirling engine of gamma-type. Does not involve solar concentrator.

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