The Candidates on Climate

Our members of Congress are in the best position to slow climate change. They can transition us to clean energy in a way that grows America’s economy and jobs.

Before you vote in any election, find out your candidates’ positions on climate change and energy. It’s important to note that energy policies that promote the free market production of natural gas increase greenhouse gas emissions—a primary cause of climate change.

In 2022 Pennsylvania will vote for a variety of political positions on federal, state-wide and local level.

Primary date : TBD

General Election : Nov 8, 2022

Candidates for the Pennsylvania 13th Congressional district

New 13th

John Joyce (R) on Facebook and on the web

Frankstown, Blair County
His Facebook page is entitled "Dr. John Joyce for Congress" and contains recent (November 2021) posts and therefore my assumption is that he will run again in 2022 .

In his weekly news email news letter entitled "Weekly Update from Dr. Joyce" he states іn the issue from October 24, 2021 :

"At a time when gas and heating costs are soaring, Congress needs to stop wasting time debating unrealistic and unworkable deployment schemes for offshore windmills.
Let me be clear, wind power is not enough to sustain our energy grid.
I questioned Former Deputy Secretary of Energy Mark Menezes on the inefficiency of building windmills to address our immediate energy needs. Watch our conversation here. "

As a point of additional background information you might want to read some or all of the testimony provided by Deputy Secretary Menezes and others at the hearing mentioned by Rep. Joyce right here

On his webpage Representative John Joyce takes a stance on several issues like social security, immigration etc. As of November 8, 2021, the environment and climate change are not mentioned.

Candidates for the US Senate

In 2022 only one seat in the US Senate will be vacant as current Senator Toomey is not running for re-election and Senator Casey's seat will not be up for election until 2024. (Casey's term ends officially on January 3, 2025, Toomey's term ends Jan 3, 2023)

The lists of "official" candidates for the vacant US Senate seat is extremely long and ever changing on both the Republican (12) and Democratic (14) side with a single Libertarian added. List of candidates on

Candidates for Pennsylvania's Governor

Candidates for Pennsylvania's Senate

Franklin County, PA, is split between two PA Senate Districts, # 30 and # 33. PA Senators are elected to a four-year term with the even numbered district up for election in 2018 and the odd-numbered in 2020.

Candidates for Pennsylvania's General Assembly

Franklin County is split between four General Assembly districts, # 78, 82, 89, and 90. Members to the General Assembly will be elected every two years.

78th District

82th District

89th District

90th District

Last revised: 11/08/21